Why Inbound Marketing? [Infographic]

Greg Miles | 15 July 2015

Inbound marketing has been the most effective method of marketing for the last 10 years. While traditional outbound marketers have been interrupting people’s daily flow with cold calls, pop up ads and billboards, savvy inbound marketers have earned their attention naturally, with search engines, useful content and social media.

Not only is inbound marketing cheaper and more effective than outbound marketing, it also now accounts for 90% of all clicks on the web. Inbound is very much the method of the moment, and the future. But if you’re still not convinced, this Infographic will put you in the know.

Why Inbound Marketing Infographic

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Inbound Marketing: Targeted techniques that help potential customers find your business when they are ready to buy.

How does it work?

1. Attract – Capture the attention of prospects with content, SEO and social media.

2. Convert – Gather customers contact information to turn them into leads.

3. Close – Nurture leads and build trust to turn them into customers

4. Delight – Up-sell customers into delighted brand advocates.

Inbound VS Outbound


  • Companies that regularly blog generate 126% more leads than those that do not.
  • 70% of consumers prefer getting to know a company via content instead of ads.
  • Social Media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than traditional marketing.
  • Inbound marketing costs 62% less per lead than outbound marketing


  • The average clickthrough rate of display ads is 0.1%
  • 86% of people skip TV adverts and 44% of direct mail is never opened.
  • Around 50% of clicks on mobile ads are accidental.
  • You are more likely to survive a plane crash than click on a banner ad.