The Client

Founded in 1997, Tokyo Industries operates more than 30 venues, including nightclubs, hotels, bars and restaurants across the UK.  Tokyo Industries called upon Bumbl to cement music venue TheCUT as Newcastle’s go-to destination for alternative music crowds in the city and beyond.

The Challenge

Bumbl were asked to formulate an organic content strategy for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that would drive reach and engagement with punters in the region and around the UK. Without any investment in paid advertising, the key challenge would be to publish content that people would want to share with their friends, in order to drive reach.

The Solution

We reviewed theCut’s previous social media activity, analysed their social data, and developed a new strategy that focused on providing value to its target audience. We created an effective balance between engaging content and promotional content in order to strengthen the brand’s social media presence while meeting short-term attendance targets.

The Results

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