The Client

Elite design group training programmes to help people reach their fitness goals and develop a healthy mindset. The most popular program, Elite:Transform, is designed to help people lose 20lbs or more in six weeks, with the course being fully refundable if the goal is met. Elite chose Bumbl to help optimise online marketing performance and maximise the number of leads generated at six locations around the UK.

The Challenge

With so much conflicting information about weight loss online and a wide variety of options available for people who wish to lose weight, Elite would need to cut through the noise and position itself as a better solution to the alternatives. In a fast-moving, busy world, holding attention and collecting potential clients’ contact information would be a key challenge.

The Solution

After analysing Elite’s past performance and audience data, we designed some fresh ad creative optimised for mobile devices. We developed a paid social media strategy that utilised Facebook Messenger Ads and Lead Form Ads as well as email and SMS automations to generate leads. Budgets were optimised across locations to maximise paid media efficiency.

The Results

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